B.A.B.I E5


B.A.B.I E5 - Babies & Bodywork Incorporated E5

B.A.B.I E5 is the amalgamation of all GNs baby and family related skills.

Please send any inquiries directly to Gulie at gnmbabie5@gmail.com.


Thai Yoga Pregnancy Massage

Feel great and breathe easier with this floor based oil free option. You get to keep your clothes on, relax into some lovely acupressure and assisted stretches to lighten your load with no need to worry about having to wash off any oil after.


Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage

A more traditional western option, performed mainly in side position up on a table with oil. Soothing skin to skin, great for all those muma-to-be aches, pains and swellings. This is also a great option for new mums to help their bodies readjust and/or reduce C-section scar tissue.


Can't decide which to try?

Why not book a block of 2 or more and save?

Feel free to mix and match.


All pregnancy massage sessions booked and paid for separately are

£60/hr or prepay for a...


Block of 2 - £105

Block of 3 - £165

Block of 5 - £270

Block of 8 - £420


4-week group baby massage courses - £65/baby

Run in the GN therapy room, open to all parents and carers and limited to 3 babies, this is a wonderful way not only to bond with baby and meet other parents/carers but also learn to help baby through some common difficulties such as colic, constipation, sleep issues and teething. The course is divided into relaxed 45min-1hr classes over 4 weeks. You will learn the benefits and proper application of each stroke, building up to a full body massage as we cover different parts of the body each week. Classes include songs and social time. You will be given easy to follow printouts for the strokes so you can practise at home, a bottle of oil for class and receive an education in the history of baby massage, some interesting facts about baby massage in other countries and a certificate of completion where you will also be able to print baby's hand and/or foot as a sweet memento for you and baby in years to come.


Please note it is perfectly normal for babies to cry or need feeding during class and you are encouraged to see to babies needs. Don't be put off if you think your baby may cry. Massage is always baby led and we never force a baby to participate. The classes are for your education and it is up to you to make sure you go home and practise with baby when you can to help them get used to the strokes and to reap the benefits. There are 2 spare dolls provided for parents to practice on in class in the event a baby or two are not happy to receive massage. You can follow along on the doll or simply watch and try on baby a little later in the day when they are feeling more settled.


4-week group baby massage courses just for dads - £65/baby

Just the same as the above, only this course is aimed at giving dads some one on one time with baby and mum a little time to rest or focus on other things. A great space to meet other dads in the area and to learn how to confidently handle baby and help them through the common difficulties they may experience as they grow.


3week In-home Baby massage course - £150

With this option, you receive one to one training on how to massage your baby in your own home. Classes last up to an hour. The pace is a little faster as there is more focused time and there is an option for a cheaper add on class (£25) at the end of your course if you feel you would like a fourth class to go over anything together.

Audio Baby massage course - £30

This option is lovely to give as a gift or for yourself to go at your own pace without having to be somewhere specific to learn. You receive an audio course on how to massage your baby in your own home which comes with extra tips, printable instructions with pictures and what each move is good for, as well as a printable version of all the nursery rhymes we use during some of the techniques. Email GNMBabie5@gmail.com to purchase.

Emotional Freedom Techniques - £85/hr

A simple technique to apply, EFT is a trackable and valuable tool for families experiencing a variety of issues. The B.A.B.I E5  EFT sessions are based around but not limited to:

-Sleep deprivation and managing your emotions

-Postnatal anxiety and depression (for both mothers and fathers)

-Relationship issues after babies arrival

-Birthing Trauma

Sessions are available online via video call or in person. If there are other topics you feel you would like to explore and overcome, feel free to inquire. All topics are relevant and block sessions with savings are available on request.

Opening Hours


Monday - Saturday:  09:30 - 21:30

Sunday:                      10:00 - 21:00

About B.A.B.I E5  


After seven years of helping to raise other peoples babies as a nanny, alongside running a freelance therapy business, the time came for Gulie to merge the two things she loves most into this close to her heart offering.

Originally in it for the babies, her time as a nanny really made her respect parents and carers and all the challenges and difficulties that can come with having a baby. It is, of course, an incredible feat and joy to bring a child into the world, but for some, it’s not always the shining love bubble society tries to project. Lack of sleep, anxiety and depression can be a parenting nightmare, even relationship troubles can begin, especially in first baby homes to name but a few things a new baby can bring. And so, what better way to show her respect and compassion for parents than by focusing her therapy skills on helping them, with the added bonus of happy parents making for happier homes and happier babies! It’s not always easy, but nothing makes Gulie feel more fulfilled than knowing she has contributed to a happy family and it is her sincere wish to be of service to many more parents and babies through the avenue of B.A.B.I E5 and all it has to offer.