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Hello and welcome to our homepage! Here at GN Massage & Holistic Bodywork in East London, a short walk from Hackney Downs station or 7 minutes walk from Clapton station, or Rectory road station. 


With 11years of experience between us as both holistic and massage therapists, we are very happy to set up base here in E5, five minutes from Hackney Downs park in Clapton and turn our attention to giving local massage serving the Hackney community. Offering massage at an affordable price.


Have a look around the site and take your pick of our services. Each of our array of treatments is tailored according to your individual needs and delivered with passion and care. As soon as you make an enquiry with us, right through to taking up one of our relaxing treatments, you will be fully supported and well taken care of. Whichever you decide to try out, you will enjoy a wonderful ambience with peaceful music, subtle lighting and comfortable settings while experiencing your treatment under the intuitive, friendly expertise of our caring hands.


All you need to do is arrive, relax and allow us to work our magic. Throughout your session, feel free to remain in silence, to enjoy the tranquillity and healing benefits of your session, or have a chat throughout your treatment, which ever makes you feel more comfortable, we are happy to accommodate and be a listening ear. In this fast paced world, our aim is always to allow you this moment in time and space to just allow your awareness to gently rest within and give you space to be you; a rare quality in our day to day living for many of us.

We believe it is so important to give yourself these small respites, to show yourself love and take care of your physical, mental and emotional well being before pain in any of these parts of your being get overwhelming. In today's fast paced society, it is our honour and delight to be able to help people feel good and safe in both their body and their mind. To be able to move our bodies with ease and relax our minds is a wonderful experience, which sadly many people are not familiar with. Our mission is to bring you back to this natural state of being, both in our space and once you leave us and go off into your everyday life.

About us

About us, we are passionate experienced massage therapists and holistic practitioner. Noel specialises in Swedish and deep tissue massage, while Gülie offers Swedish, pregnancy and postnatal massage, trauma release breathwork, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and a signiture reiki infused Thai yoga massage. Come along and have a Holistic service, relaxing Swedish or a Deep tissue massage near you today.

If you would like to purchase one of our services as a gift, please email us directly for details.

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Monday to Friday      10:30 am–8:30pm  

Sunday  - Saturday    11:00 am–6:30pm


GN Massage Bodywork,

Clapton Hackney


42 Walsingham rd



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Tel: 07445679167